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Popular Cape market enters its 25th year

By Staff | Oct 3, 2019

The much-anticipated Downtown Farmers Market is set to return to Cape Coral this Saturday for its 25th year in business.

The market features fresh produce, homemade foods, seafood, dog treats and accessories, plants, meat, crafts, street fare, and so much more. The pet-friendly market also has live entertainment with rotating musicians.

The Downtown Farmers Market has grown immensely over the last 25 years and has been recognized by realtor.com as one of the top nine farmers markets in the entire state of Florida.

Claudia St. Onge, the business manager at the Cape Chamber of Commerce, has been running the market since its launch in 1994. She refers to the market as a labor of love.

“When I first started doing this years ago, it’d just be the locals who sold at the market,” St. Onge said. “Now it’s people from all across the state.”

The Downtown Farmers Market is going plastic free this year with all of their vendors using compostable bags. They are also giving away 1,000 reusable bags and then selling them when the first 1,000 run out, for just a few dollars per bag.

“We have a lot of really loyal and loving customers,” St. Onge said. “There’s always good food and good people; it’s just a great place to go and it affords people the chance to eat healthier and live greener at reasonable prices.”

St. Onge said that this Farmers Market was the first in the area to accept food assistance EBT cards. She said that she thinks everyone should be able to buy healthy food.

The Downtown Cape Coral Farmers Market held in Club Square at Southeast 47th Terrace and Southeast 10th Place, in South Cape every Saturday from Oct. 5 until May 9 and is open from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m. There’s no shortage of parking nearby, and the market is wheelchair accessible.