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Local reaction to possible Trump impeachment mixed

By Staff | Oct 1, 2019

President Donald Trump is facing an impeachment inquiry over communications he had with the president of Ukraine and whether he held hundreds of millions of dollars in aid in exchange for dirt on political opponent Joe Biden, providing him a political benefit.

The allegations from a whistleblower have significantly changed the public opinion landscape on impeachment, from mostly disapproval to, according to some national polls, a slim majority now in favor of an impeachment inquiry.

Locally, in what has been predominantly Trump country, people have mostly chosen to stand behind their president. But there are those who do believe that this, as well as other things, may be reason enough for impeachment.

Several people who didn’t want their names used, said they would continue to support Trump, saying that Joe and Hunter Biden and Hillary Clinton should be investigated.

At Dina’s, at Sabal Springs, where they were playing at a North Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce Bingo luncheon, there were opinions on both sides, with the overall view that Trump is doing a good job and should be exonerated.

Carolyn Graves, who works for the Chamber and assisted with bingo, said Trump is the best president the country has had in a long time.

“Our unemployment rate is the lowest its been and our economy is great. The Democrats are stupid because they won’t let him do anything and object to everything he tries to do,” Graves said. “I don’t believe anything they are saying about the Ukraine.”

Terry Matson said it was time for Democrats to “put their big boy pants on.”

“They need to realize that Trump won. Do you realize how much could have gotten done if they were on his side? Look what he’s gotten done without them,” Matson said. “He should not be impeached. They’re crazy for even trying it. It’s one more thing in their ploy to get him out of there. It won’t work.”

Most in her group agreed, except for her friend, Lorna Bredehorn, who said he has violated nearly every norm expected from a president and is therefore unfit for office.

“He has broken the Emoluments Clause, he hasn’t divested himself from his businesses, he doesn’t understand the Constitution and he is cozying up to our enemies,” Bredehorn said. “The report by the Inspector General is credible. He knows better than I do.”

Barbara Neurohr, said an investigation was done and that Biden was speaking for the whole Western Alliance and that his son did nothing wrong. Also, more suspicion is raised when his political discussions are put into another top-secret server.

“Donald Trump tends to do what he wants to do and in life has never had to suffer consequences and has carried it over into the presidency,” said Neurohr, who added that she and her friends talk about it from time to time, but thankfully they can agree to disagree. “Once you see the facts, people tend to agree with whatever newscast they watch.”

For many, it’s just reinforcement of what they already knew or thought of him. Linda Lindquist said Trump “leads by tweet” and doesn’t know how he finds time to do anything else.

“I don’t know how he got voted in and I hope he isn’t voted in again,” said Lindquist, whose mother is a devout Trump supporter. “I don’t think much of his leadership style, firing them while they’re out of the area.”