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Jensen resigns from panel

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

During the Tuesday, Sept. 10, Captiva Community Panel meeting, panel member Dave Jensen announced he was resigning from the panel.

“Today is my last meeting. My wife and I are off to a big adventure. I am sorry for announcing it at this time. I wanted to make sure our adventure was sure. We are going to live in Italy. We are moving to Italy. I always leave my life open to changing again, but our plans right now is to do that. Oct. 1 we are leaving. I want to say, this group is something else and thank you,” Jensen said.

Panel member Jay Brown told him what a great member of the community he is and how important he is to the Captiva community.

“Please, I am just a team member. Time goes by so fast, but I remember when we first got here. Whenever you are the new kid on the block . . . and then eventually you get to know your neighbors and are part of the gang. We have an incredible gang here. Things got better. I think Captiva has slowly gotten better. Look at what all you people do. We never had that on Captiva where the whole community got together. Thank you,” Jensen said.

President David Mintz told Jensen that he is more than a person, he is an institution.

“You, as a person, are an institution. Your personality, smile, and bicycle, and wave is so characteristic of what this island is. If we ever had to rename the island it is Jensen,” he said.

Jensen again thanked the panel and told them to carry on.

“My brothers are going to be here. They are carrying on. They are going to be very helpful for you and just go to them if you need them,” he said.

The panel was going to take a look at the bylaws to determine how the vacancy would be filled.