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County agrees to buy parcel on Mound Key for 20/20 conservation

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

The Lee County Board of County Commissioners on Tuesday agreed to purchase a 9.57-acre parcel on Mound Key for the Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program.

This final privately owned parcel on the Key provides the conservation program with the last piece of the Mound Key puzzle. The negotiated purchase price is $860,000 plus closing costs, which are estimated at $40,000.

“It was a pleasure to lend my support to the Mound Key purchase this morning. The parcel meets the criterias we have established in our Conservation 20/20 Land Acquisition Program, has historical and archaeological significance, and has received great support from the community,” Commissioner Ray Sandelli, of District 3, said.

The site was originally nominated for the 20/20 program back in 2006, but due to title issues and negotiations reaching an impasse, stopped in 2008. The site was renominated for purchase in May of 2018.

“Any opportunity to conserve land in Lee County for future generations is a good move and I applaud the efforts of the commissioners,” Mayor Anita Cereceda of Fort Myers Beach said.

The site itself has significant historical and archaeological significance to the area, being one of the areas the prehistoric Calusa tribe originally called home.

It is believed to have been a ceremonial center for the tribe during Spain’s early attempts to colonize the region in the 1500’s, according to Florida State Parks.

Mound Key is located in Estero Bay and is accessible only by boat.

Lee County’s 20/20 Conservation project is an environmentally sensitive land acquisition program. This means they seek and purchase important locations, either environmentally or historically, or both, to put into conservation status for future generations to enjoy.