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Below Market Rate Housing median income percentage increased

By Staff | Sep 18, 2019

The Sanibel City Council passed an ordinance that updated the income requirements for Below Market Rate Housing at its Monday, Sept. 9 meeting

The ordinance updated the income eligibility criteria for Below Market Rate Housing from 120 percent of the area median income to 160 percent as a guide for families of three persons.

According to the ordinance, the responsibilities of the housing foundation is “to establish and update, at least annually, eligibility criteria for below market rate housing rental applicants, in terms of maximum income, taking into account family composition and total income of all family members, such criteria to be generally based upon the latest available data from the Untied States Department of Housing and Urban Development, using up to 160 percent of the median income for the county as a guide for families of three persons.”

Council member Richard Johnson said it is an important change for their housing authority, Community Housing Resources.

“Having a little bit of experience, I think it brings a benefit for our city and a need for change. The change has my full support,” he said, adding that is what they need for the upper end of the scale. “We can bring some folks into this program that should really be in this program, but have not been able to take advantage of that.”

CHR resident Alison Ward thought the change was a great idea, especially when trying to attract new people who are applying for CHR housing.

“It’s a very different option for them with rentals,” she said.