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Cayo Costa offers island-style camping opportunities

By Staff | Aug 29, 2019


Camping may not be for everyone, but for those it appeals to, Cayo Costa State Park is filled with history, mysteries, solitude, wildlife, seashells and a starry night sky.

The Friends of Cayo Costa State Park reported that the island has attracted campers for thousands of years. Some of the first people were the Native Americans known as the Calusa. They were known to be star watchers, as well as fisher people. The next “campers” were the Cubans, who maintained seasonal fish camps. They would fish the waters around Cayo Costa for mullet, salt their catch and take it back to Cuba in spring. The early homesteaders on-island Costa as so many have for centuries.

Part of the Florida State Park System, the campground and ranger station are on the island’s northern end. The campground has 12 cabins and 30 tent sites. Just beyond the campsites are more than six miles of walking trails, running through different ecosystems. One thing visitors find in abundance is solitude.

For more information or to reserve ferry transportation and a cabin or tent spot, visit online at friendsofcayocosta.org and look for the links under “Resources” at the bottom of the page.