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Back-to-school paperwork moves to online only

By Staff | Aug 29, 2019

Checking on student grades or attendance has never been more than a few clicks away for families in the School District of Lee County. The Focus Parent Portal can provide that information 24/7 to parents who have an account.

This year, it is critical parents create a Focus account because much of the paperwork that must be filled out at the start of school is now only available online through Focus.

Parents must create an account to fill out the Student Directory, Emergency Notification and other documents. Only one account per family is necessary, as all students in the household can be added, but both parents can have accounts if preferred.

“Creating a Focus account is simple and takes just a few minutes,” IT Infrastructure Coordinator Darryl Eldon said. “We encourage all parents to sign up now before school starts so their paperwork is on file and they can track their student’s progress once classes begin.”

Parents can create their account at lee.focusschoolsoftware.com/focus/auth/ with the following information:

– Valid email address

– Student’s Student ID number

– Student’s date of birth

Parents who have their email address and the last four digits of their child’s social security number currently on file with the district will be granted immediate access.

For those who do not, their child’s school will verify the information and grant access as soon as possible. Parents who already have an account do not need to take any action.

Anyone needing help to establish their account can contact their child’s school or go to the district’s website at www.leeschools.net. Click the “For Families”section, then click the owl icon with the title “School Grades and Assignments.”