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FWC provides update on Lionfish Challenge

By Staff | Aug 21, 2019


The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Foundation recently provided an update on the Lionfish Challenge, which rewards lionfish harvesters with prizes for their lionfish removals.

This year, participants who submit the largest and smallest lionfish may be eligible to receive up to $3,000 in cash prizes thanks to support from sponsors: American Sportfishing Association, Yamaha Motor Company, Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County and National Marine Manufacturers Association.

On Aug. 5, the FWC reported that the number as of the prior week were:

– 304 people had registered

– 127 people had submitted lionfish (113 recreational, 14 commercial)

– 15,367 lionfish had been removed

– 51 checkpoints for recreational participant submissions

The list of recent raffle winners included:

– Annie Beattie, $50 SCUBA air fill

– Matt Finn, Customized YETI Tumbler

– Isidoro Bedoya, HP 100 SCUBA Cylinder

– Jason Bernier, Customized YETI Tumbler

– Carl Antonik, ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit

– Quinn Atkinson, Neritic Nexus Gloves and Pole spear from Florida Underwater Sports

– Tim Watts, Stream2Sea Reef Sentinel Kit

– Frank Davis, Neritic Nexus Gloves and Pole spear from Florida Underwater Sports

– Robert Grundwald, Neritic Nexus Gloves and Color-dive lenses

– Nikkie Cox, Neritic Nexus Gloves and Pole spear from Florida Underwater Sports

– Emily Pepperman, Neritic Nexus Gloves and Color-dive lenses

An upcoming raffle drawing will be held on Aug. 28. All qualified participants (submission of 25 lionfish or 25 pounds for commercial) will be entered in the drawing.

Prizes include pole spear from Florida Underwater Sports, Lion Lift Kit from Toothless Life, Lionator pole spear prize pack, Neritic Nexus Gloves, $50 SCUBA air fill gift cards, HP 100 SCUBA cylinder, Reef Sentinel Kit from Stream2Sea, ZooKeeper Lionfish Containment Unit, Color-Dive Lenses from Customatic Optics and YETI tumblers.

Find more details on how to get rewarded for your harvest at FWCReefRangers.com.

Sign up and learn more by visiting MyFWC.com/Lionfish.