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Burns urges staying true to values at ABWA meeting

By Staff | Aug 5, 2019


Ashley Burns, vice president of brand experience at Noise Inc. led a meaningful conversation on “Staying True to Your North” at the American Business Women’s Association’s June luncheon.

She shared insights on career direction and many participants contributed their experiences.

“Own your core values,” Burns said. “They are your strength, your motivation, and your compass.”

She explained many people rush to define the best version of themselves based on expanding their geography and material things, ultimately finding it to be false direction.

“An example in my experience,” Burns said, “was joining the United States Air Force for air traffic control to see the world, and ending up in Valdosta, Georgia.”

It was not seeing the world, but many positive things happened during that time.

“I realized a career path is not a race to a destination, but an ongoing journey that incorporates all the experiences that make us,” she said, urging the group to be brave and continue the process of growing and learning.

Burns recommends author Bren Brown, who promotes the process of working through vulnerability to find courage.

“You aren’t your future without your past,” she said. “The core values that define our true north are born of our experiences.”

“The growth of technology is one of many factors redefining the job market at an increasing pace,” ABWA President Gloria Garrett said. “Some studies say as many as two-thirds of today’s students will work in jobs that don’t even exist today.”

Burns explained that people cannot stay true to something they do not know, such as a specific future job description. But people can stay true to the values that define their true north.

“Finding courage to surround yourself with great people, endure inevitable challenges, and re-purpose that energy to keep going towards your north – that, to me, is career success in any capacity,” she said.

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