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Speak up but with compassion, consideration

By Staff | Jul 23, 2019

To the editor:

I am writing in response to a comment shared in the Word on the Island published in the July 17, 2019, edition of the Island Reporter. The question was “Should the government close its migrant camps for children?”

I was saddened to read Mr. Bruce Eddy’s statement that “they all need to go back and fix their own countries.” For the purposes of this letter, I will set aside the obvious, which is that children do not have the ability to accomplish that. I believe that we should all be allowed to share our thoughts freely, and I do not wish to engage in a political argument with someone who likely disagrees with me on immigration issues. But I do want to express how mean-spirited and unnecessary this type of language feels, particularly when used in the context of children who are here by no choice of their own.

America’s history of helping others in need is something I am very proud of as a citizen. The level of help that we are obligated to provide is negotiable, and subject to much debate. I encourage all of us to speak up for what we believe in – whatever that is – but to do so with compassion and consideration, instead of with vitriol for our fellow humans. Our voices are a powerful tool, and can be used constructively or destructively. Let’s choose carefully.

Leah Biery