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Lifeline Family Center breaks ground for housing project

By Staff | Jul 18, 2019

The Lifeline Family Center hosted a groundbreaking Thursday for its new housing center, planned for four two-bedroom apartments on site with the current center.

“Lifeline is a valued resource in the community, giving at-risk mothers an incredible opportunity to succeed in life and at motherhood,” said Elaine Sarlo, quoting a letter from Sen. Marco Rubio, who could not be in attendance.

Every year, teens and young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy have counted on Lifeline for life lessons, support, both spiritually and emotionally, and resources to help them carry through a safe pregnancy beyond just the birth.

They want these women to grow, love, and succeed.

“There’s no price you can put on a child’s life, nor a mother’s need for assistance, and so we do everything in our power to provide and empower them to make good life decisions and carry on as amazing community leaders and mothers,” Fred Atkins, vice chair of the Lifeline Board of Representatives said at the dais.

Lifeline provides two years of housing for mother and child as well as on-site training for everything someone might need, both for life skills and for sought-after job skills.

Education, job training, cooking, professional counseling, even parenting classes go on in the facility and have become a staple in these young women’s lives, fostering success and that little bit of security they often come into the center without.

Currently, the Lifeline Family Center provides up to two years of housing for 12 women ages 16-25 and up to 24 babies at a time, where mothers enroll in their “Phase I” program.

The program teaches skills necessary to be successful in the real world, and offers a plethora of educational opportunities for young women who may have been abandoned by family or are having a tough time following their pregnancy.

The new housing will provide four, two-bedroom apartments under one roof on-campus, so that mothers can continue to grow in their career path while using the day care facility in place. Mothers and children will be able to stay an additional two years after completing Phase I, if need be.

Rent will be around $500 per month, or, “just what it costs to insurance and to maintain the facility.”

Lifeline hopes mothers can use the opportunity to continue to save so that they save the money to secure a home of their own.

LifeLine Family Center is at 907 S.E. 5th Avenue.

For more information and to donate, visit www.LifelineFamilyCenter.org or call 239-242-7238.