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Key component of Fort Myers Beach Margaritaville challenge dropped

By Staff | Jul 1, 2019

Construction for the Margaritaville project on Fort Myers Beach may be on a faster track than anticipated.

On Sunday, Beach resident Chris Patton voluntarily withdrew one of her two lawsuits against the town regarding the development of Margaritaville on the island.

Specifically, Patton has withdrawn the civil action lawsuit that would have brought the town and TPI to court in November.

A “writ of certiorari” is all that remains. This means that a lower court will deliver its record in a case so that a judge may review it and determine if there were any mistakes made.

“It’s an exciting time for the town of Fort Myers Beach. We’re grateful that the plaintiffs put aside their personal feeling and withdrew their complaint,” said Mayor Anita Cereceda on Monday. “Now the town and Margaritaville can move forward in this next chapter.”

Project developers also look forward to moving ahead with plans to bring a 254-room Jimmy Buffett inspired resort to the Beach near Times Square.

“We’re hoping that this does, in fact, put the issue of the second lawsuit to bed,” said John Gucciardo, spokesperson for TPI Development. “If that’s the case, we’re going to do everything we can to ramp up and we’re excited to have the ability to finally break ground. We’re looking at the first of the year now, as opposed to potentially this time next year.”

Patton declined comment, refering questions to her attorney.

Patton’s attorney, Ralf Brookes, could not immediately be reached for comment.