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Pot calling the kettle black?

By Staff | Jun 27, 2019

To the editor:

I wish the Democrats and Fake News would concentrate on helping America. It is fine to argue over policy and legislation to try to find a compromise but to just seek a hater’s revenge is counter to their reason to be elected. The development of subpoenas and issuing contempt charges will now go to court and will ultimately go to the Supreme Court and for what? America has already investigated obstruction and collusion for two years with 19 lawyers and over $30 million.

Now the House is searching for anything to pin on Trump or use in the next election. Writing subpoenas and demanding appearances by personal representatives with no probable cause is by definition a witch hunt. A witch hunt against a president who is responsible for 330 million people is hardly a game that should be played.

The Democratic House can impeach the President but that gets them nowhere. How do you remove a President with a significant Republican advantage in the Senate and a 2/3 majority requirement to put a President out of office? This effort is only for revenge, the ensuing campaign and an inducement for campaign money from the haters. Of course this revenge effort might backfire on the Democrats as it did on the Republicans during Clinton’s last election.

Any President and many congressmen could be investigated for a number of suspicions but that would detract from the country’s business. Washington could become just one multiple witch hunt instead of a place where the people’s business is being conducted.

Some legislation (or lack of the same) borders on criminality. Consider the opioids and how Congress has acceded to the strongest lobbyist in Washington, the Pharmaceutical industry, even though nearly 300,000 have lost their lives due to a drug advertised as non-addictive. In World War II, 450,000 lost their lives. Opioids have cost as much as 2/3 of the deaths in all of World War II!

Is the pot not calling the kettle black?

John Benedict

Cape Coral