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Let the truth prevail

By Staff | Jun 27, 2019

To the editor:


U.S. Department of Justice

Page 228:


This section of the report details the evidence we obtained. We first provided a overview(Volume I) of how Russia became a issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and how candidate Trump responded. We then turned to the key events that we investigated: The President’s action to FBI investigation of Michale Flynn, the President’s reaction to public confirmation of FBI investigation of Russia, and actions and efforts to curtail the scope of Special Council’s investigation, efforts to prevent disclosure and efforts and pressure to have Attorney General Session “unrecuse” as well as contact and conduct toward witnesses, McGahn, Cohen and other unnamed witnesses….

This full report is available to all Americans for $15 on Amazon.

In my opinion, this Report was written for Congress which has a legal duty under the Constitution to see all the evidence and hold public hearing. If there was criminal misuse of power, the voters deserve the truth!

To contact, intimidate, threaten, witnesses is a old Mafia tactic.

Let the facts become public.

Becky Denham

St. James City