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Thank you for supporting e-bikes

By Staff | Jun 18, 2019

To the editor:

Thank you Dr. Gerald T. Darnell for your remarks, clarity and explanation regarding the benefits of e-bikes in your letter to the editor published in the June 12, 2019, edition of the Island Reporter.

Dr. Darnell and his wife rented his e-bikes from us. We delivered the bikes to them at Casa Ybel Resort so he and his wife could enjoy touring the entire island the best way – on an e-bike!

We encourage all of our clients/supporters of e-bikes to do the same and write to council members, write to the paper and/or attend council meetings. We have attended the council meetings where they discussed e-bikes and will continue to do so to protect your rights on this subject. All of your input will help this cause.

Thanks for your support of e-bikes.

Skip and Lisa Plumer-Badolato

Pedego Electric Bikes

Fort Myers