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Unexpected guest

By Staff | May 29, 2019


Norm Zeigler, owner of Norm Zeigler’s Fly Shop on Sanibel and a founding member of the Sanibel FlyFishers, encountered an unusual visitor on April 7. While closing up the store, he and a friend noticed a head poking out from beneath the couch in the middle of shop. The unexpected guest had apparently wondered from the river behind the community park and straight into the air-conditioned store without anyone noticing. Armed with a broom and dustpan, Zeigler and company urged the 4-foot alligator out of the shop and back across Periwinkle Way, while blocking traffic to avoid any harm to the erstwhile visitor. Zeigler reported that it was a first, and maybe leaving the store door open was not such a great idea. Everyone coming into the shop now takes a peak under the couch before sitting.