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City applauds governor’s veto of HB 771

By Staff | May 15, 2019

On May 10, the city of Sanibel applauded Gov. Ron DeSantis’ veto of House Bill 771.

The governor specifically noted the Sanibel ordinance in his veto letter, city officials reported.

If enacted, HB 771 would have prohibited the enforcement of city Ordinance 18-008, adopted Sept. 10, which prohibits the sell and distribution of plastic straws on the island, including at special events.

On May 7, the Sanibel City Council unanimously approved delivering a letter to DeSantis strongly urging him to veto the bill. To read the letter, visit www.sanibelgov.us/desantisplasticstrawveto.pdf.

The city ordinance provides exemptions for the use of plastic straws by disabled persons. It also includes a 120-day education program during which the city engaged in public education with each of the commercial establishments that previously used plastic straws. To view the education packet, visit www.sanibelgov.us/StrawBanEducationalPacketAsRevisedbyJZ%28003%29.pdf.

To read the city ordinance, visit www.sanibelgov.us/Ordinance08-008.pdf.