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H2O members organize toy drive for Haitian church

By Staff | May 8, 2019
PHOTO PROVIDED Pastor Sam, Faith Mitchell, Grace Mitchell, Pastor Sam's wife Anne, Cornelia Mitchell and Pastor Kevin Schafer.
PHOTO PROVIDED Faith and Grace Mitchell present their idea to the youth group. From left, Cornelia Mitchell, Faith Mitchell, Grace Mitchell, Pastor Sam’s wife Anne and Pastor Sam.

Faith and Grace Mitchell, sixth-graders who attend Sanibel Community Church’s H2O Youth Ministries, spearheaded an endeavor with the help of their parents to collect gently used toys to be distributed in Haiti. The girls presented their idea to their peers and invited Pastor Sam, of the First Baptist Church Montrouis in Haiti, to speak about the needs of the children who attend his church. He gave his testimony and explained the various trials the families in his community go through. Joining parents in spring cleaning, the students have been providing toys for the mission. In addition, the Mitchell family is donating suitcases to send the collected items on the plane with the pastor when he travels back to Haiti on May 15.