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Center Stage: ‘Second Chances’ is a show to go see

By Staff | Apr 23, 2019

Marsha Wagner

This is the seventh successful edition of “Second Chances The Thrift Shop Musical” since it first opened in September 2015 at the Off-Broadway Palm Theatre. Playwright-producer-dinner theater entrepreneur Tom Prather has notched this musical up with each new edition, and this last endeavor playing to the delighted audiences on the Main Stage of the Broadway Palm has transformed into a real big-time winner.

The original cast members have also grown in their roles and what was funny to begin has mutated into hilarious comedy and enriched character portraits; in such a way that what was once funny and dear is now hilarious and poignant.

This is a completely homegrown musical, from theater owner Prather to the creative team members: Victor Legaretta, director/additional material/multi-role performer/Mr. Kleinbauer/Sarah Leigh/ensemble; Christopher Russell, musical director/composer/Wally; and Megan Orlowski, choreographer/lyricist/Allison.

This multi-talented production team blew me away with their skills as well as their performances. For instance, seeing Legaretta as the mean, wild hand gesturing landlord switch into Sarah Leigh the drag queen with blonde wig, glitzy gowned, high heeled shoes, was worth the price of admission. The same could be said for wonderfully witty Wally, played to the perfection by composer-musical director Christopher Russell. Lyricist Megan Orlawski’s choreography impressed as did her acting skills playing Allison.

The rest of the original cast: Kelly Legarreta, Nadine; Dianne Fussara, Janet; and Rob Summers, Joe.

These performers not only reprised their original roles they added wonderful new insights to their performances.

The following new cast members also contributed a whole new appeal to the playing of this musical: Bobby Becher, Pastor; De Bryant Johnson, Tyler; Ashley Becher, ensemble; and Melissa Whitworth, Mitzi.

Let it be said that this terrific cast of actors-singers-dancers contribute greatly to making “Second Chances” not only a wonderful show, what they provide, is what I call “theater magic.”

All I can say is, if you’re up for a swell evening’s entertainment consisting of good, clean fun and joy, in these somewhat trying times then “Second Chances” is the show to go see. Start the ball rolling by phoning the box office at 239-278-4422 for reservations (this show only plays till May 12). Remember when you phone to tell ’em Marsha sent you.