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Poetic License: ‘Rich Man’s Rap’

By Staff | Apr 16, 2019

Joe Pacheco

You may think I’m unfair to the poor when they rhyme

And make use of a curse word one-third of the time

And complain about women who call in the cops

‘Cause the old man got high and he gave them some bops

And their mommas get ranked out in syncopation

By Gangsta MC’s and the 5 Percent Nation

And they start to make fortunes that equal my own

When a year or two past they did not own a phone

But I’m forced to use all my prestige and power

To sabotage BET and the MTV hour

And divert some resources to education

That can teach them to think without syncopation

And start reading and writing with motivation

And dream about working for my corporation

Where they can be exploited in the proper way

With two week vacations and a 401K

And after twenty-nine years of serving The Man

Be downsized a month short of their pension plan

When their kids are preparing to go into college

And impress everyone with their white bread knowledge

And the wife’s tummy tuck is no longer covered

And they’re left de-boned like Old Mother Hubbard

I’ll be out on the golf course with my gold parachute

With the coupons from pension funds I helped to loot

And I’ll laugh at the rappers no longer around

‘Cause the kids will have switched to a different sound

T.S. Eliot and his Cats will be ruling the roost

As the kids rock to readings of Marcel Proust

And it’s Swinburne and Tennyson and William B. Yeats

Who’ll be bigger than Eminem and even Bill Gates

What a pleasure to hear the Top Ten of the Day

Will be headed by Poe and St.Vincent Millay

What a pleasure to know ne’er again will be heard

An expletive or curse after each other word

And to know the dead poets won’t collect e’en a dime

‘Cause I own all the rights to their writings in rhyme!