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Education Notes

By Staff | Apr 16, 2019

District relaunches Change-for-Change website

The School District of Lee County has unveiled a new version of the Change for Change webpage at www.leeschools.net. The updated site makes information about the revenue raised from the half-cent sales tax and how it is being spent easily accessible.

In early April, the state distributed $6.3 million in sales tax revenue to the district, the first of monthly scheduled distributions.

The updated website has two main pages. One for the district, displaying the amount of revenue from the sales tax, any interest earned and what has been spent. There are four categories for the projects the voters approved: construction, maintenance, safety and technology. A fifth category, reserves, has been added to account for money being saved for future projects.

The second section features pull down menus for every school to find the projects underway or planned and the amount spent or budgeted. An information section on each school page allows for updates and project pictures so parents and the community stay informed.

The data on the sites represents revenue and planned spending for Jan. 1 through June 30. Money spent on sales tax projects before the start of the year is not included. When the next fiscal year starts July 1, a new set of revenue and planned spending will be available with the previous year being archived for easy retrieval.