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Work under way at planned luxury RV park

By Staff | Apr 11, 2019

With bulldozers and front-end loaders, the developers of Myriad Luxury Motorcoach Resort are reshaping the 90-acre lake at the corner of Burnt Store Road and Durden Parkway, a mile and a half south of Burnt Store Marina.

The goal is to maximize the number of available waterfront spaces at the 285-lot facility. Waterfront lots, designed to accommodate minimum 30-feet and maximum 42-foot RVs, will average 57-feet wide and 110-feet deep or about 6,300 square feet. Some will be as large as 11,000 square feet, while some non-waterfront lots will be smaller, according to project principal Marie Duginski, who is head of marketing for the Peachtree Group, co-developers of the project. By comparison, residential property in that part of the county are a required minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet.

The Myriad development is unique – a hybrid of commercial and residential zoning. Although individuals will own the properties, they will not be able to live on them for more than 180 days a year.

“That ensures that there is turnover; and it prevents people from buying a small lot and living there indefinitely,” said Mike Struve, planning team coordinator for the Cape Coral Planning Division

Myriad has already begun taking lot reservations for sales. Prices range from $155,000 to $240,000. There also is a monthly fee of about $300. Owners will have the option of putting their property in a rental pool to be managed by the resort’s property management team. Initial rental rates for lakefront property from December through April will start at $140 a day. Lake view and lake access rates will be lower. (myriadluxurymotorcoachresort.com/resort/#custom__1)

Construction of the clubhouse is expected to start in winter of 2020.

“Don’t hold us tightly to dates,” Duginski said, although she expects early owners to be able to use the facility before it is complete.

The lake is the centerpiece of the resort. Owners will be able to build docks and use electric-motor boats. They also will be encouraged to add 600-square-foot villas to use as guest quarters and space for entertainment. The lake has fish in it, and they are surviving the change in depth during construction, Duginski said.

“The water will be refilled fairly quickly although I can’t say exactly when, but we expect it to be back up to the normal depth.”

Resort amenities will include a fitness center, catering kitchen, open air bar, dining lounge, gaming room, covered patios, boathouse with docks, pickleball, bocce ball and tennis courts. There also will be a pool and pool house.

The addition of the high-end RV resort is not expected to immediately spur additional growth in that area, Struve said.

A big limiting factor is the lack of centralized utilities in northwest Cape Coral. The addition of that is “what it takes to drive growth,” Struve said.

Water and sewer to serve the Myriad development are being installed by Charlotte County via a 30-year, inter-local agreement that the two counties have had for more than 30 years.

He also doesn’t see it immediately driving much new retail.

“I think most of the people who drive these RVs make relatively few trips once they get to a resort like this. Some of them pull cars behind them; they may drive to get groceries,” Struve said.

The temporary nature of the residency will discourage the development from putting too much pressure on city schools or health and safety services.

“The fire department has a facility next door and it can provide first-responder services,” Struve said, since ambulance and EMT services are based elsewhere,

“You could live on your site 180 days and then move and rent a different site, but you would have to work hard to be able to accomplish that,” Struve said.

Struve believes the project will meet a recreational need in Lee County.

“I think it will be an asset to a lot of people who choose to spend their recreational time in Cape Coral,” he said.

What will draw people to Myriad? “Climate is an appeal. Proximity to resorts like Boca Grande and Burnt Store Marina (with its deep-water access to Charlotte Harbor) are a draw. Motor coaches are basically land yachts. It is not uncommon for yacht owners to be involved in the motor coach world, as well,” Duginski said.

She believes word-of-mouth will be a key sales tool.

“Motor coaches hang out with motor coaches so the socialization that takes place at the site itself is a draw,” she said.