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Progressive Club presents guest speaker for meeting

By Staff | Apr 4, 2019

The Progressive Club of the Islands will host its monthly meeting on April 18, with guest speaker Dr. Arol I. Buntzman, chairman of the Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance.

More than a year after Hurricane Irma, the need for sustainable housing in Immokalee is critical. The current housing stock for the migrant farm workers and their families consists of dilapidated trailers, which rent for $60 per person per week – meaning a family of five is paying $1,200. After Irma, many families were forced to double up in the trailers – meaning owners are making over $2,000 for rent.

The Immokalee Fair Housing Alliance is working to build affordable sustainable housing through a coalition of farm workers and community organizations on a 10-acre property near the city’s center. By providing and maintaining housing stock for the farm worker community, it will help residents move one step closer to breaking free of one of the constraints that are keeping them in the cycle of poverty.

Buntzman holds a Bachelor of Science in real estate, Master in Business Administration from Arizona State University and Doctorate of Education in executive leadership programs form Fordham University. He retired from a career as an entrepreneur and educator, including founding and serving as chairman and chief executive officer of a public educational technology company. Buntzman has been recognized as a Smithsonian Laureate for his innovative work in development of interactive video multipoint distance learning and has served as chancellor of several colleges.

He has been and continues to be active in human rights and social justice issues. Buntzman has served as chairman of the board for the Children’s Services Foundation of SWFL and as co-founder and executive director of the We Can’t Have That Foundation.

The meeting will take place at 7 p.m. at The Community House on Sanibel.

It is free and open to the public.

For more information, call 304-707-1701.

The Community House is at 2l73 Periwinkle Way.