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Local designer to launch online boutique

By Staff | Mar 28, 2019

JEM Fab Fashions’ gala and fashion show on Saturday sold out quickly with support from the Southwest Florida community.

The show will honor clothes for real women and body type isn’t an issue.

At first, the fashion line’s founder, Southwest Florida native, Ylondra Marrero, thought she was going to have to pay for everything out of pocket. Then sponsors and members of the community stepped up to the plate to help.

“Everyone is really coming together to support her vision and her dream to celebrate women and their beauty,” Monica Garcia said.

From hairdressers, makeup artists, models, photographers and singers, everyone is donating their time, said Garcia, who does marketing and website design for JEM Fab Fashions.

Marrero has been modeling since she was 16 so she knows a thing or two about the industry.

“Her mission and passion really is in giving models, especially local models, the chance to showcase themselves, regardless of shape and height,” Garcia said.

Marrero is kicking off the launch of her online boutique, www.jemfabfashions.com, at Suite Forty-Eight with a night full of music, dancing, home cooked Puerto Rican meals and all things fashion.

What sets JEM Fab Fashions apart is its wide range of sizes from extra small to 3X plus size.

Marrero’s goal is to inspire women to enhance and celebrate their beauty. Marrero also has some firsthand experience doing just that. After all, she is an international fashion model.

“She noticed the fashion world can be judgmental when it comes to beauty and women,” Garcia said. “Her line celebrates women in all shapes, styles, colors and ages.”

Real women from the community will model in Saturday’s fashion show, too. Garcia says the youngest models are 18 or 19 and the oldest is a 60-year-old woman.

“She (Marrero) picked women from all over Southwest Florida to be models,” Garcia said. “They’re all just average, normal women that she is inspiring to celebrate beauty.”

Each of the 15 or 16 models will showcase one outfit, so the show won’t be too long.

The event space will be decked out in black, white and rose gold, the color of Jem Fab Fashions’ logo.

Marrero’s brother and uncle will DJ the party and there will be live music by Vre, a young artist who Garcia says sings all over Southwest Florida.

“She has a beautiful voice.”

The event space holds about 100 people and tickets sold out fast.

“I have people saying I want tickets, I want tickets,” Garcia said.

“We could have easily sold 20 to 40 more tickets.”

But the good news is that shopping should be available right after the event and JEM Fab Fashions will host an online shopping spree event on April 6.

The online boutique sells everything from casual wear to business and evening essentials.

“For young girls that want to go to the club she has a lot of really nice, sexy and fashionable outfits,” Garcia said. “For those of us who are older who want to show less skin, there are beautiful, elegant options whether you’re going for a professional look or party look.”

Garcia says she wears a plus size and has to be very picky about what she buys.

But clothes from JEM Fab Fashions, “Don’t make me feel big and don’t make me feel uncomfortable.”

Garcia says prices will range from $25 to $250 depending on the item.

“There will be very affordable outfits in the $50 to $75 range. She wants to cater to all budgets and all price ranges for all people.”

Garcia says the boutique’s founder, Marrero, doesn’t want to give too many details about the clothes away until after the online boutique is officially open.

But she has shown her line recently in Greece and at New York Fashion Week.

“It was a very positive reception,” Garcia said.

“She said it was surreal to have all of these years modeling and seeing other designers with their clothes and to have her dream of her own lineto be there with all of these top designers, and people were already asking where they can buy the clothes. Some of the models were even asking for the clothes.”

Garcia says Marrero wants to slowly add purses and other accessories to the mix.

She also doesn’t want to stop at just one fashion show and gala. Marrero wants to make it a yearly event.

And after seeing an outpouring of support from the community, Garcia says they’re looking for an even bigger venue next year.