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Poetic License: ‘Yizkor’

By Staff | Mar 5, 2019

Joe Pacheco

(For Lee Gordon 3-19-99)

Although she was not

What once she was

For too long a time –

And although at the end

She was not always there

When you were there for her –

And although recall and remembrance

Like the rest of her

Were too dimmed by age and pain

For her to ever again utter your name –

Remember instead

The magnificent mother in her

Remember instead

The one whose eyes would burst with light

Whenever you came into her sight –

For whom your tiniest step forward

Waa a milestone measureless –

Remember instead

The one and only one

Among all the billions

Who have lived, loved, lost,

Wept and rested

On this planet –


The one of all the billions

Here now and yet to come,

Bound or unbound

By whatever degrees of separation,

The one who was, is,

And will forever be –

The one who loved you first,

The one who loved you most,

The one who loved you longest.