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Shell Love Bug case dragging on

By Staff | Jan 23, 2019

To the editor:

As many of you may have read in an article published Jan. 10 in a local newspaper, titled “Lee’s Shell Love Bug: $3,500 Car with $50,000 in Legal Bills,” our wonderful county commissioners and their lawyers continue in their pursuit of Pam Rambo and the Shell Love Bug that we island residents know and love.

It is a fiasco that the county has chosen to go all out, with apparently an unlimited budget, in fighting Pam’s attempt to obtain the decorated VW, as had been promised to her – albeit verbally – back when she created the work. Commissioner Frank Mann is the only one of the commissioners who understands how ridiculous this matter is, not only for the huge expense, but also for the very negative public relations it has created, and the expense and stress put upon Pam.

Mann had requested a private attorney-client conference in an effort to settle this case. However, none of our other four commissioners would agree to this conference – since it entailed an expense of $1,600 to bring in the county’s outside attorney, among other reasons. So now the case drags on, with no end in sight.

We should demand that our county commissioners publicly report to us taxpayers just what their original rationale was to start this, and how do they justify this large and still growing expense. I would think that their time and money could be better spent dealing with blue-green algae than beating up on our friend Pam.

Bill Abraham