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End the Shell Love Bug drama

By Staff | Jan 23, 2019

To the editor:

The fact that the Lee County Board of County Commissioners have allowed the Shell Love Bug dispute to drag on for two years at an expense of nearly $50,000, with three attorneys on payroll for this case, calls into question the priorities, judgement, and common sense of the commissioners.

Instead of allowing the Shell Love Bug to be a positive exciting symbol of the uniqueness of our islands, they have created a public relations nightmare.

Pam Rambo has been the most effective public relations ambassador for Lee County for many years. Her blog, iloveshelling.com, has a worldwide following, and people have come from all over the United States and many other countries for the experience of shelling with her. Members of the shelling community generously gave of their collections to help provide the 22,000 shells that created Pam’s unique design for the Shell Love Bug. They did that because of Pam, not for the benefit of Lee County.

Simply by utilizing the language of Florida Statute 274.06, the county could have resolved this situation quickly and amicably. Many attempts at resolution by Pam and her attorneys have been ignored. No justification for the mean spirited actions of the commissioners has been provided.

On behalf of Lee County taxpayers, we implore the Lee County commissioners to resolve this issue, stop wasting money on attorney’s fees, and address the more pressing problems facing our county!

Ada Shissler