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NWNA expands its boundaries

By Staff | Nov 20, 2018

The Northwest Neighborhood Association of Cape Coral has extended its reach after members voted this last week to stretch the organization’s boundaries.

Now, residents north of Pine Island Road and also those on the northwest/northeast border to Santa Barbara Boulevard, can join the NWNA.

“The more voices we have, the more information we can provide to residents in the Northwest Cape,” said NWNA President, John Jacobs. “People want to be part of what the growth is.”

The group is at nearly 1,000 members currently, and Jacobs hopes to add another thousand or so to the group, but will be grateful for any new acquisitions.

“We really need more active members,” he said.

The NWNA meets about four times per year, and discusses all development and future projects that pertain to the northwest section of Cape Coral.

Jacobs said the area is growing exponentially, and with that growth comes some concern.

Namely, the $60 million GO Bond that recently passed to bolster the parks and recreation facilities throughout the Cape is causing concern from NWNA members, said Jacobs.

“People are worried about new development,” he said.

Those developments include the Utilities Expansion Project, the aforementioned parks bond, housing on the corners of Embers Parkway and Nelson Road, the Seahawk area and the potential building of micro-cottages in the northwest Cape.

The building of micro-cottages may include new proposals of land use regulations, leaving residents concerned, said the group’s president.

He is fielding questions from residents such as, “Will it drag down nearby property values?” “Will they become all rental properties?” “Will they become a transient housing project for low-income renters?”

“We’re discouraged by the representation the northwest is getting from city officials,” said Jacobs.

He is urging all residents to become more educated and involved on what’s going on in Cape Coral, and if you’re a resident in the northwest Cape, that becoming a member is just the way to do that.

They are also looking for members who are willing to get involved, attend council meetings and write to local officials via email or letters.

“We want to help on how development in the northwest occurs,” he said.

Despite butting heads with city officials, Jacobs said the group has a “great” relationship with county officials, such as County Commissioners Cecil Pendergrass and Brian Hamman, noting the widening of Burnt Store Road.

“It should be that way with the city,” he said. “The northwest is not being represented. The only way to do so is by growing our membership and growing our voice to city leadership.”

The next NWNA meeting will take place on Thursday, Jan. 10, at Christa McAuliffe Charter Elementary School at 6 p.m.

It costs $15 to join the NWNA for the year.

For more information on the group and membership, visit www.nwcape.com.

Christa McAuliffe Charter School is at 2817 S.W. 3rd Lane in Cape Coral.

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