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10-year-old crochets newborn hats; donates to Cape Hospital

By Staff | Nov 15, 2018

After a Caloosa Elementary School fifth grader crocheted about three dozen hats for newborns, she asked her mom to seek a beneficiary for her labor of love.

Alissia Pajares, and her mom, Elizabeth Pajares, chose Cape Coral Hospital.

“Our niece was born four years ago at the Cape Coral Hospital. She was born deaf,” Elizabeth said. “She didn’t hear from both ears.”

Alissia’s effort began after she learned to crochet while spending her usual two weeks with her grandmother this summer.

New skill in hand, the 10-year-old decided to crochet hats for babies, something that also will help her achieve a Girl Scout bronze award.

Elizabeth Pajares said she believes one of the things that influenced Alissia’s desire to create the hats was watching her infant relative go through a difficult health challenge

Her niece had an implant when she was 1 at Tampa Children’s Hospital. Alissia traveled to the children’s hospital with her family and saw numerous small children who were sick.

“That is where her brain opened up and said ‘I want to do something,'” Elizabeth said. “After that she (the baby) went for her second implant and we started talking to the people at the children’s hospital and they said get in contact with your local hospital and see what they need.”

When talking with the Cape Coral Hospital they found out they needed hats for newborns. Alissia will donate about 35-40 hats.

The young girl who frequently Facetimes her grandmother, found out that she has learned how to create booties. Elizabeth said that will probably be Alissia’s next project.

Alissia has always been one to give back, her mother said. The duo does volunteer work at the Ronald McDonald House, as well as at a foster home.

“My daughter loves helping out the community,” Elizabeth said.

And that act of kindness was also taken to another country when they visited Peru.

“I prepared her that there are kids that are barefoot. I explained to her that areas we are going to be are going are poor,” Elizabeth said.

Before they traveled to Peru, she found her daughter in her room with her dolls after asking for plastic bags. Alissia was putting aside 19 dolls with three sets of clothing to bring to Peru. The young girl also packed clothes that she no longer used and brought them to Peru to give to children at an orphanage home.

In Peru, if Alissia saw children without shoes, or with dirty clothes, she gave them a doll.

“That meant a lot. I feel so happy and so very blessed that she does this and it comes from the heart. She just pulls it out of her heart,” Elizabeth said.

When she is around town, Alissia asks her parents to give her a dollar when she sees someone holding a “homeless” sign. The young girl’s promise is “I’ll pay you back.”

Elizabeth said her wish is not to be rich, but to have her children live a great life and give back to the community because they are so blessed.