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Trump MAGA rally packs house at Hertz

By Staff | Nov 1, 2018

It was a sea of red Wednesday night in Estero as President Donald J. Trump held a “Make America Great Again” Rally series stop at Hertz Arena to a standing-room only crowd of supporters.

Practically every Republican candidate on the Nov. 6 ballot was in attendance, as Trump gave his words of endorsement to U.S. Senate candidate and current governor, Rick Scott; gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis; Congressman Francis Rooney, State Sen. Greg Steube and Rep. Matt Gaetz.

Right out of the gate, Trump slammed the “far left” media, declaring that the media is pushing people apart, that they’re a big part of the division in the county, resulting in a resounding “CNN sucks” chant from those in attendance.

“The media doesn’t want you to hear your story-it’s not my story, it’s your story,” he said of what he calls the “enemy of the people.”

Trump touted his political movement as, “The greatest political movement in the history of our county. Possibly the greatest political movement anywhere.”

He trumpeted his actions over his two years in the Oval Office, including taking aggressive measures against terrorist groups, ending the Iran nuke deal catastrophe and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.

He heralded record low unemployment rates, taking care of veterans and military personnel and more tax cuts for the middle class.

“Anyone who wants to build a better future, can do it right here in the USA,” he said. “We’re finally putting America first.”

Trump addressed the migrant caravan of people from Central America heading towards U.S. boarders.

“Build that wall! Build that wall!” echoed throughout Hertz Arena.

“And the wall is being built, we just spent $1.6 billion on a big section, another $1.6 billion now-we have another $1.6 billion coming. We want to build it all at one time, not in little pieces,” Trump said. “Our country can’t survive with open boarders.”

As for the caravan of people, he said, “It’s called catch we just took out the release part.”

Gov. Rick Scott addressed the crowd, thanking Trump for passing the legislation that will help fund Everglades Restoration Projects, while the president praised Scott for his work during Hurricane Irma and Michael.

“(Trump) called me every day asking, ‘What do you need?'” Scott said. “There’s nothing he has said no to.”

Ron DeSantis was next to articulate his message to the crowd.

“Is Southwest Florida Trump country, or what?” he asked the crowd to a booming cheer.

His talking points included being the only veteran candidate, the only candidate not going to raise taxes and the “only guy that can credibly say is not under investigation for corruption.”

DeSantis and Trump both scrutinized Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum for wanting to raise taxes, the crime rate in the city of Tallahassee, where Gillum is mayor and that the Democratic candidate wants to make Florida a sanctuary state.

“Gillum wants to abolish ICE and have open boarders and make Florida a sanctuary state. I would never allow Florida to be a sanctuary state,” said DeSantis.

Chants of “Lock him up!” rang about the arena.

“He’s too extreme for the people of Florida,” said Trump. “(Sen. Bill)) Nelson and Gillum would be a disaster.”

Trump also spoke on the controversial birthright citizenship topic, as the president wants to abolish the automatic U.S. citizenship children get by being born in this country, even if their parents are here illegally.

“Birth tourism; big business,” Trump called it. “Illegal aliens are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.”

The crowd was energized all evening, and many showed up hours before the president’s arrival.

Trump closed with his classic line, “And we’ll make America great again,” as the thousands in attendance roared and applauded as he departed.