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Art League to host to Volunteer Fair

By Staff | Oct 18, 2018

A Volunteer Fair is being held at the Cape Coral Art League to get the city involved in some exciting opportunities – a win-win for the community and the league.

“When we apply for grants, which is the main source of income behind membership, and list the number of hours volunteers have given back to our organization, that is a green light for an organization to give us funds knowing we are fully supported by volunteers,” said Robin Klinger, who does marketing for the Cape Coral Art League.

She wanted to hold a Volunteer Fair because they need to open their doors and eyes and “cross pollinate” with other businesses and nonprofits that can propel community awareness and activity within the future.

“This Volunteer Fair is my baby. The Cape Coral Art League has been around since 1965. Through fundraising they were able to build the building on land donated by the City of Cape Coral,” she said. “For years and years the persona of the Cape Coral Art League is just a bunch of retirees that sit around and paint.”

The Volunteer Fair came about because Klinger had a bunch of ideas, but not enough help to make them come to fruition.

The community is invited to attend the fair from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 26, at the Cape Coral Art League, 516 Cultural Park Boulevard.

“At each table I will have a volunteer focused on that particular area of expertise,” Klinger said.

For example, she does not want someone to sign up to volunteer at the annual Art Fair in January if they cannot help unload an artist’s car, or pick up an 8-foot table.

“We want to make sure they go to the tables that they feel comfortable with and best suited for,” she said.

Some of the tables will include volunteer opportunities at the Saturday Farmers Market in Club Square.

“The Chamber of Commerce has been so generous. They said ‘Come on over and we will give you a space. You can pass out your literature,'” Klinger said. “I don’t have anyone doing that yet.”

She is looking for someone to coordinate the Farmers Market dates, as well as get together all the marketing materials.

Another area where volunteers are being sought is at the monthly gallery shows, which are held October through May.

“I do have a gallery show director, but I need an assistant to help with receiving,” Klinger said.

On the first Thursday of the month, the league also has a cocktail reception that is open to the public.

“I need a photographer for the event. Someone who (can provide) just an hour of their time once a month to take photographs as the gallery show director presents certificates and cash,” Klinger said, adding they will also need photos of the artists next to their painting.

Another volunteer opportunity is for membership growth and retention.

Currently, the league has 248 members, 22 board and lifetime members and two scholarship members.

“If I had a membership retention and growth director, they could reach out to each and every member,” Klinger said. “With a committee you could break it down to two or three calls a day.”

The phone calls would ask if they are enjoying their membership and for input on how the league could grow.

Another volunteer opportunity is for a special events coordinator.

“I can’t be everywhere on every day. If I had a special events coordinator, he or she could get together a group of four, or six volunteers to spread out so we are not doing every event,” Klinger said.

Other areas include committee chair youth arts, committee chair grants, committee chair web/social media and holiday lunch planning.

All of the training and materials for these positions will be provided.

“We have an orientation and training for them,” Klinger said. “We want them to feel comfortable. That when you do volunteer you know your parameter.”

For more information, call (239) 772-5657.