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Shell Love Bug lawsuit struggles on

By Staff | Sep 19, 2018

To the editor:

Instead of making an earnest effort to resolve the dispute over the Shell Love Bug, Lee County’s attorneys continue to confuse and complicate the issue, resulting in more delay and ever increasing legal fees.

The county attorney persists in maintaining that the car can only be disposed of at auction, ignoring the fact that neither the county or any subsequent buyer could legally use or display the car due to Pam Rambo’s copyright on the artwork that adorns the car!

Who would bid on something they cannot use? What has the county to gain from this fiasco except more legal fees and more negative public relations?

Combined legal fees are already in excess of $50,000 and mounting daily.

The county has three attorneys working on this case, and they are completely ignoring Florida Statute 274.06, which provides an opportunity for a quick, legal resolution of the dispute. Seems they want to keep their meters running as long as possible.

Commissioners, stop wasting your time and our money. Give the car to Pam Rambo and turn your attention to the critical issues facing our county!

Ada Shissler