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School district gets positive review in state required audit

By Staff | Sep 14, 2018

The School District of Lee County is being recognized for its “economical, effective and efficient” operations in a recently released state audit.

The performance audit prepared for the Florida Legislature’s Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability praised the district for having “unique internal control mechanisms and methods for monitoring performance.”

“This audit is a very positive review of the work we are doing at the School District of Lee County,” Chief Financial Officer Greg Blurton said. “We worked with the auditors over four months, were completely transparent in how we operate, and appreciate they recognized our business practices and procedures as economical, effective and efficient.”

The audit was required as part of a state law because the district is asking voters to decide on a half-cent sales tax to fund capital projects. It included a review of program areas related to the construction of new schools, reconstruction and renovation of existing schools, acquisition of equipment, including safety and security equipment and technology. All areas where any sales tax revenue would be spent.

“The district is effectively using various internal and external audits and studies to make continual improvements to the program areas under review” the auditors from Evergreen Solutions wrote. “The Internal Auditor is also providing valuable oversight of construction projects.”

The report calls the district’s organizational structure “strong” and planned used of revenue raised by the sales tax as “in compliance with applicable state laws, rules and regulations.”

The law required the audit to be completed and posted on the district’s website 60 days before the November general election. It is currently available at www.leeschools.net/2018/8/school-district-gets-positive-review-in-state-required-audit.

“I hope people will take the time to read what the audit says about the school district,” Blurton said. “We are proud of the work we do supporting our students, teachers and schools and the findings of this audit validates all of our efforts.”