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Faces on Faith: Good is natural

By Staff | Sep 6, 2018

June Sieber

When something wonderful happens, do we often think: “that’s too good to be true.” Because our news is so saturated with negative images, it can easily seem as if chance, accident, illness, evil itself is the norm; as if life is one big lottery, and we rarely pick the winning ticket.

But, wait a minute. As people of faith, shouldn’t we expect “good” to predominate in our lives? Don’t we embrace a God who is totally good?

In the Christian Science textbook, “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures,” Mary Baker Eddy informs us: “In the Saxon and twenty other tongues, Good is the term for God. The Scriptures declare all that He made to be good like Himself. God is natural good and is represented only by the idea of goodness; while evil should be regarded as unnatural because it is opposed to the nature of God.”

Eddy continues: “If thought is startled at the strong claim of Science for the supremacy of God, good, ought we not contrariwise to be astounded at the vigorous claims of evil, and doubt them, and no longer imagine evil to be ever-present and good absent? Truth should not seem so surprising and unnatural as error, and error should not seem so real as Truth. Sickness should not seem so real as health.”

Christian Science doctrine is predicated on the fact that “good” is all powerful, more real, more substantial than any claim of evil, inharmony, disease. Eddy uses strong words to guide us in resisting evil of every kind.

“Dismiss it with an abiding conviction that it is illegitimate because you know God is no more the author of sickness than He is of sin. Mentally contradict every negative condition and rise to the true consciousness of Life as all that is pure, bearing the fruits of Spirit.”

In the King James Version of the Bible, Jeremiah reminds us: “I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.” Aligning ourselves with God’s goodness causes wonderful things to take place. Framing our days with a God-ordained expectancy of good, brings comfort, joy, wonderful freedom, and health-giving peace.

June Sieber is affiliated with the Sanibel Christian Science Church.