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Fischer wins District 1, six other school board candidates move forward

By Staff | Aug 30, 2018

Mary Fischer

Mary Fischer won District 1 for the Lee County School Board Tuesday night, and six other candidates in three races move forward to the General Election in November.

There were 12,578 (10.49 percent) of voters who took part in early voting and 76,746 (64.02 percent) that participated in early voting during the 2018 Primary Election. On election day Tuesday, 30,531 (25.46 percent) went to the polls to vote.

Out of 436,915 active registered voters, 119,357 ballots were cast, or 27.32 percent.

Fischer won the School Board District 1 race with 13,328 (55.95 percent) of the votes against Charles B. Dailey who had 10,494 (44.05 percent) of the votes.

“I’m grateful for the support, honored to keep serving. I’m ready to get back to work,” Fischer said.

She said she will work on retaining people and making sure students have their needs met. In addition, Fischer said she will work to educate the public on the needs of the half cent sales tax, so facilities are up to speed and ready for the kids.

Dailey said they ran a great race.

“The citizens made the decision to keep Ms. Fischer. I am very pleased with all of the hard work that we did. I’m blessed and I am fortunate that we had enough of the citizens to deliver the message to and that is what we did,” he said.

Betsy Vaughn finished on top in School Board District 6 with 28,642 (29.25 percent) of the votes, as well as Nicholas Alexander with 26,394 (26.96 percent) of the votes. Other District 6 candidates included Lori Fayhee with 22,485 (22.96 percent) and Karen Putman Watson with 20,389 (20.82 percent) of the votes.

“I’m thrilled with the results. I, of course, want to thank my family, my friends and all of my supporters because they were the ones that believed in my message and helped me with the victory tonight to help me move forward to phase two,” Vaughn said.

She said moving forward she will continue to connect with the community.

“I’m going to be announcing a celebration rally very soon right after Labor Day,” Vaughn said. “I’m looking forward to meeting with the two candidates in my race that are not advancing and try to bring everybody together, so their voices and the voices of the people that supported them are also heard. I want to keep moving forward and make a positive impact on Lee County schools.”

Alexander said he and his team are very excited about the results.

“This is where the hard work really begins. Where we are going to be meeting this week to really be thinking about the next steps and how to get the message out there. It is clear that our message has resonated,” he said.

Looking forward to the General Election, Alexander said they will continue to use the same three pillars in his campaigning efforts. Those include increase safety protocols across all campuses, focus on teacher retention, as well as continuing to build schools and increasing the amount of technical and vocational training for high school students.

“We have so many children leaving high school that can add value to the community overall,” Alexander said.

The two candidates moving forward with the School Board District 4 seat are Don Armstrong with 5,848 (33.71 percent) of the votes and Debbie Jordan with 5,533 (31.90 percent) of the votes. The other District 4 candidates were Geraldine “Gerri” Ware with 4,042 (23.30 percent) of votes and Louis Navarra with 1,924 (11.09 percent) of votes.

The candidates moving forward for School Board District 5 include Gwynetta “Gwyn” Gittens with 4,405 (33.76 percent) and Pamela LaRiviere with 3,747 (28.72 percent) of the votes. The other candidates included Jon Larsen Shudlick with 2,110 (16.17 percent) of the votes, Moses Jackson with 2,038 (15.62 percent) of the votes and Taruas Pugh with 747 (5.73 percent) of the votes.

All election results are unofficial until certified.