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Women’s Council of Realtors to mark 60th anniversary

By Staff | Aug 9, 2018

The Women’s Council of Realtors Fort Myers/Cape Coral network is celebrating its 60th year as a member of the premiere real estate organization in the country.

An idea brewed up during a train ride home from a convention in D.C., the Women’s Council of Realtors has been in existence for 80 years and focuses on education, leadership, networking and referrals to bolster the mind and businesses of realtors spanning the U.S.

The Fort Myers and Cape Coral branches merged, just this year, to become the second largest network in the state of Florida.

“We have had so many changes over the years, and all for the best. And we’ve had so many dynamic leaders along the way. It’s been an amazing 60 years,” said Linda Biondi, real estate agent for Raso Realty and former president of the Cape Coral network.

The organization facilitates the professional growth of its members through educational seminars and classes, that provides the tools Realtors need to excel in their field and region.

“Most of the people who belong to Women’s Council usually move up in the Real Estate Associations,” said Biondi.

Gloria Tate, also of Raso Realty, and also a former president, has greatly benefitted from the resources the council has provided to her.

“They gave me the education and public speaking tools, as well as being able to present myself and be a leader,” Tate said.

Tate has been heavily involved in city council as well as the Chamber of Commerce in Cape Coral, and owes a great deal to the group for helping her achieve what she has.

“It helps you with your real estate business, it helps you in the real world, too. It helps you with all the skills you need for life beyond the real estate world,” Biondi said. “A lot of us are juggling our family, our career, our life, they kind of give you the tools and the friendships and framework to do it all.”

The educational opportunities the council implements are second to none, as most of their fundraisers are geared towards learning opportunities.

“At our luncheons, we just don’t get together and have lunch. We get together and learn something,” said Biondi.

Getting the word out about issues in the community is something the group believes strongly in, almost as a community parter, Biondi and Raso agreed.

Camaraderie throughout the network between the women and men, yes, men are welcome too, truly is felt amongst members and is passed on from president to president, who serve one-year terms.

Any programs or projects a president starts will get passed onto the next elect to carry out.

Current president of the Fort Myers/Cape Coral network is Sandra Huber, who was just in Orlando to network amongst other groups in Florida.

She brought along current members of the local group to only increase their knowledge of the field.

“Everything we do is to benefit members,” she said. “This year has been great with the merger. We’re a huge family.”

The group had a hand in “Catch the Vision,” which is a look forward into what’s coming and what’s happening in Cape Coral.

This upcoming November will be its eighth year running.

The Women’s Council of Realtors provides many a opportunity to grow and be recognized for achievements.

“It gives you opportunities to grow your leadership abilities, wherever you want to take them,” Tate said.

It has taken numerous past Fort Myers/Cape Coral network presidents to the state levels of the organization and even national.

“It gives you the energy, it gives you the confidence, it gives you the tools to move up and move along,” said Biondi, who said the group has helped her with public speaking tremendously.

Any Realtor in Cape Coral or Fort Myers can join, man or woman.

In fact, the next state president for Florida will be a gentleman.

“If you want to be among the best of the best in your profession, this is the organization that you want to belong to. Whether you’re a Realtor, an affiliate or strategic partner, that will help you in your business to be the best of the best,” Biondi said.

To celebrate its 60th year, the group will be having a Past Presidents Dinner at the Broadway Palm on Aug. 16 at 5:30 p.m for, you guessed it, past presidents of the group.

Also, in October, they will hold a past presidents panel at a luncheon to “pass on the infinite wisdom we all have,” quipped Biondi.

For more information about the organization and its events wcr.org/chapter-sites/florida/cape-coral-fort-myers/

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