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Hiring drive on at CCPD

By Staff | Jul 19, 2018

The Cape Coral Police Department prides itself on being the gatekeepers to one of the safest cities in Florida.

With the population constantly rising, along with the addition of School Resource Officers to educational facilities across the city, CCPD finds itself in need of a boost.

Having had to place 25 SROs throughout the Cape, in addition to the six prior vacancies, CCPD is in search of 31 new officers to adorn the black and blue.

Corporal Phil Mullen, CCPD spokesperson, said they are in search of patrol units.

“All new hires for sworn law enforcement start in the Patrol Bureau, on the road. Patrol is the most crucial and visible arm of the department, and its staffing is always top priority,” he said. “With the new law implementing school resource officers in all schools, the moves are threefold: 1, we are putting experienced officers in our schools; 2, moving other experienced officers from specialty units back to Patrol; and 3, hiring new hires for Patrol and as we do that, returning officers to their previous specialty assignments. Specialties may be lower staffed for the immediate future, but Patrol will remain fully staffed so that response times stay low and calls for service are answered promptly.”

So what does CCPD look for when recruiting new officers?

“Our hiring standards are much like most other law enforcement agencies. There is a written exam, psychological exam, physical ability test, swim test, polygraph examination, and oral board interview. Once these are cleared, the process moves to background investigations. You must have a clean background, which is checked via a hiring packet filled out by the applicant and verified by background investigators,” disclosed Mullen.

Applicants must also have some schooling background, with CCPD even helping with the financial burden of classes.

“Applicants must have 60 college credits or an associate’s degree; if they do not, they must either be currently enrolled in a Florida law enforcement academy, be Florida certified or out-of-state certified and eligible to transfer that to Florida, or be a certified Florida correctional officer with three years of full-time experience,” Mullen said. “Anyone using one of these three waivers in lieu of the college requirement must still obtain the 60 credits or associate’s degree within five years of hiring, and there is city reimbursement available for education.”

Mullen provided his insight on why becoming a Cape Coral Police officer can be a prominent career choice.

“You hear law enforcement referred to as a ‘family’ and we really are here. Everyone in the department is dedicated to serving and protecting the public, as well as each other. It is a highly rewarding and fulfilling career, with opportunities in specialty units and for advancement throughout your career, with competitive pay, pension and benefits.”

CCPD is hiring police officers through Aug.1.

Those interested can apply by visiting www.capecops.com.