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Marine worms, rollin’ tarpon and expeditions for teens

By Staff | Jul 17, 2018

SANIBEL SEA SCHOOL Worm Week campers made slimy marine worm art at the Sanibel Sea School.

Campers at the Sanibel Sea School enjoyed Rockin’ and Rollin’ Tarpon Week at the organization’s Sanibel campus last week, while others studied the fascinating world of marine worms at Canterbury School in Fort Myers. Older participants left for an expedition to the Florida Keys to explore coral reefs, and outdoor enthusiasts attended a Florida Wilderness Camp.

Tarpon Week was all about the beloved “Silver King,” and campers celebrated the large-eyed fish with tarpon scale tie-dye, snorkeling sessions in tarpon habitat and crafting life-size tarpon sand sculptures. Tarpon are known to gulp air, which they store in their modified swim bladder to use when oxygen levels get low in the water. So of course, the campers played their own air gulping game – with a little bit of help from some bubbles. There were also games like tarpon tug-of-war and a tarpon rodeo.

Wiggly Worm Week participants jumped in to the world of marine worms, trudging through the muck in search of lugworms, flatworms, tubeworms, and feather duster worms. They visited Bunche Beach for a worm hunt, dissected worms, ran a worm relay race and made some fabulous tubeworm art.

Teen campers made the journey to Big Pine Key to snorkel on a coral reef, participate in daily science labs and camp under the stars. A second group practiced survival skills and earned their Wilderness First Aid certifications during Florida Wilderness Camp.

As usual, both weeks included plenty of time for surfing, macram tying, and hanging out with camp friends.

The Sanibel Sea School is a non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time. For more information about the organization, visit sanibelseaschool.org.

The Sanibel Sea School is at 455 Periwinkle Way.