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Seven Isles, mooring field on Monday’s Council agenda

By Staff | Jun 14, 2018

The Cape Coral City Council will address numerous issues Monday at its last meeting before summer hiatus.

Among the key items will be an expected vote on a mooring field ordinance for Bimini Basin, an item which has had two public meetings and is anticipated to bring quite a few of those who attended those meetings to the 4:30 p.m. meeting at city hall to make their feelings known.

In Florida, vessels can anchor anywhere and municipalities cannot impose regulations if a mooring field ordinance is not in place.

The city wants an ordinance so it can have control over things like what can anchor in the basin, how long boats can stay and how derelict boats could be removed.

“Because the flow of the water is not what it should be. I’m in favor of improving the quality of the water. That means restricting how long a boat can stay,” Councilmember Marilyn Stout said. “The boats that were there were contaminating the water and some of them never moved.”

Residents expressed their concerns at two public meetings in April. They cited water quality and dumping of waste, transient moorings, too many boats and other issues.

“We’ve gotten a lot of the derelict and live-aboard boats out of there. We want to control what goes on in the basin and I support that.” Councilmember Rick Williams said.

The city council will also discuss Seven Islands and two ordinances to amend the city’s comprehensive plan by establishing a Seven Islands Sub-District land use classification and classify the zoning as mixed use.

On Wednesday, the Planning & Zoning Commission approved recommending transmittal of both elements.

Williams, whose district includes the city-owned Seven Islands acreage, said the city seems to be pushing too hard on the issue too quickly, since little has been done there.

“We don’t have anyone in line to put something out there yet. If we had a developer come to us with an idea, we could change the zoning to what he/she wants to do,” Williams said. “Land use not so much because it takes a while because it has to go through Tallahassee. A zoning change can be done in a month.”

Williams said he doesn’t know if he will vote against it but plans speak against it.

City Council is also expected to vote on the city’s School Resource Officer program by approving an Interlocal Agreement with the Lee County School Board for a program and offer reimbursement for relocation when hiring the 22 positions in the city’s police department.

The two resolutions will be on the consent agenda, meaning unless the item is pulled, it will likely pass.