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Destiny Diaper Bank seeks donations of adult pull-ups

By Staff | Jun 7, 2018

Destiny Diaper Bank is holding a drive for adult pull-ups to help fulfil the need of the community.

“Our goal is to bring quality of life and freedom to our seniors and veterans in need,” Destiny Diaper Bank Founder Rebecca Hines said. “I am very passionate about what I do.”

The bank has just opened a new adult diaper and pull-up donation site at Cape Coral Alliance Church, 4307 Skyline Boulevard.

“It’s a place where I can collect diapers and put them there,” she explained.

Currently, senior citizens who are functional and ambulatory, in other words are able to walk around and have somewhat of a normal active life, are requesting pull-ups.

“The majority ask for large and extra large. Those are the items that I need,” Hines said. “The greatest need that I have right now is large, extra large and above. I need extra, extra, extra large pull-ups. They are almost impossible to get.”

In addition to pull-ups, Hines said they are also in need of bladder control pads.

She encourages people to keep their open packages of diapers and pull-ups and donate them to Destiny Diaper Bank.

In addition to donation of diapers, individuals can also make a monetary donation to Destiny Diaper Bank, 3660 Central Avenue, Suite 5, Fort Myers, Florida, 33901.

Destiny Diaper Bank is the only adult diaper bank in the state of Florida.

“We have given over 3 million diapers out since we started 11 years ago,”she said, adding that in the beginning, a lot of the diapers were for infants. “The adults are a complete different ballgame. If there is a senior that is homebound they cannot get diapers from Medicaid, Medicare, or most insurance companies. Their cost for some of these supplies can lead to $200 to $300.”

Hines said being the only diaper bank in Florida she receives calls from such cities in Florida as Jacksonville and Sarasota.

“People in Southwest Florida don’t know how lucky they are to have us here,” she said.

Hines said a group in Sarasota is trying to put together a warehouse for Destiny Diaper Bank, as well as getting them a truck, so they can help more people in their community.

Just this week, Hines said an individual, who has a 93-year-old father who is cared for by the mother contacted her from the community. From that phone call, she said she provided cloth pads to protect the mattress, 75 under pads, a box of gloves and wipes, lotions, as well as 80 adult diapers.

“That is a lot of product for one person,” Hines said.

Hines said they are trying to rebuild their thrift store, which was destroyed by Hurricane Irma.

“My goal is once we get our overhead taken care of, I can purchase the diapers that we need,” she said.

Individuals in need of service can call Hines, or send her a text at (239) 910-8198.

Hines said it is rewarding to help someone on a fixed income in need of adult supplies that have no other place to go.