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Vote yes on half-penny sales tax

By Staff | Jun 6, 2018

To the editor:

If these were ordinary times, I would be opposed to an increase in the sales tax as regressive tax policy. These times, however, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “are not ordinary times.” Our school district is in a desperate situation; the normal funding sources, local and state governments, are not providing funds for the extraordinary growth in the Lee County student population.

Consequently, the schools are overcrowded, classroom space is inadequate, forcing the district to lease more than 70 trailers.

In addition to being inadequate learning spaces, separating students from the resources in the building, trailers are unsafe. Imagine the challenge for the security guards of protecting all these trailers in addition to over 700 regular buildings. And the Hurricane Irma damaged or destroyed large numbers of the trailers last year. Does anyone doubt the likelihood of more hurricanes this year?

Therefore, I am joining many others who urge a positive vote to increase the sales tax by a half-penny.

Please vote yes on the November ballot to provide decent and safe space where our children can learn.

Samuel B. Stewart

Fort Myers