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Sanibel All-Stars prevail in annual ‘Duel of the Islands’

By Staff | May 23, 2018

ED FRANKS Pine Island All Stars on the left, Sanibel All Stars on the right.

The Greater Pine Island Little League held its 7th annual “Duel of the Islands” on May 20, pitting the Sanibel All-Stars against the Pine Island All-Stars.

Before the big games, trophies were awarded to each player present and following the Pledge of Allegiance, seven-year-old Fiona Boyd sang the national anthem.

“We’re here to honor the legacy of the Duel of the Islands,” Pete Alcantara, manager of the Sanibel team, said. “We play two games to ensure all of the kids get to play. We did win the trophy last year and hope to bring it back to Sanibel this year we’re humble and hungry.”

There were two five-inning games, with the Sanibel All-Stars coming out on top.

The first game ended in a 6-6 tie after five innings, despite a center field home run from Connor Darr for Pine Island. The second game ended early due to the weather, with Sanibel taking it 9-6.

ED FRANKS Seven-year-old Fiona “Fifi” Boyd sang the national anthem.

“The Greater Pine Island Little League had a great year with all teams ending up very competitive,” Pine Island Little League President John Lambert said. “We showed great progress in all baseball skills in all levels thanks to our fantastic coaches and parents. We strive to teach the fundamentals of baseball while instilling teamwork and having a safe and fun experience for the kids.”

“We look forward to taking the trophy back next year,” he added. “Congratulations to the Sanibel All-Stars.”

Eric Wold is assistant coach of the Pine Island All-Stars. The Wolds spend the summers in Michigan and winters on Pine Island.

“My son Davis started playing T-ball and every year as he progresses, I move up,” Wold said before the games. “This is my son’s fifth year playing and he’ll be playing left field today. We have an excellent all-star team and I’m confident we’ll win the trophy back this year.”

ED FRANKS Tarpon Bay Cup won two years in a row, 2017 and 2018.