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Poetic License: ‘In English Only’

By Staff | May 23, 2018

(Dedicated to “The Borinqueneers,” members of the 65th Infantry Regiment, U.S. Army, Puerto Rico. Comprised primarily of Puerto Ricans, it began as a volunteer regiment in 1899 and participated in World War I and World War II. It was during the Korean War that it made its mark and saw extensive combat. In 1956, Congress established “In God We Trust” as the official U.S. motto, replacing the non-English “e pluribus unum.”)

In English Only should one express

Love for America and its success.

In Classic Latin or Greek of old

America’s story can’t be told,

E pluribus unum has been excessed!

In God We Trust will guard and bless

America with His Largesse:

Our motto stamped with letters bold

In English Only.

My cousins spoke no English but I guess

They still could fight for old U.S.

On foreign soils, their bodies cold,

Far from their isle of blue and gold –

The telegrams told us of their deaths

In English Only.