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Arts Alive

By Staff | May 15, 2018

Whether it was the fourth-and fifth-grade choir singing “A World of Music” or dancers portraying themselves as fireflies or the drama class giving their tribute to a certain 70s educational series, there was a lot to appreciate from the students at North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts.

The annual Arts Alive event took place this week, which celebrated all the hard work the kids have put in both in the classroom and on the stage, with Saturday being the culminating day of the event.

“Each performance is in one of the arts disciplines that showcases what the kids have done,” Millins said. “Schoolhouse Rock brings be back to when I was a kid and heard ‘Conjunction Junction.’ A lot of kids helped to put that on.”

This year was a little different in that much of the event took place on Saturday as opposed to taking an entire week as it did in the past. Millins said it was done out of necessity.

“Hurricane Irma really compacted our schedule for many of the performances and pushed back the FSA testing schedule,” Millins said. “We didn’t want to interfere with the testing and Arts Alive week because many of the function s go to 9 at night and didn’t want the kids to suffer.”

Millins said he would seek input from parents and teachers to see if this format should be done in the future.

But if Saturday was any indication, it was a success as the drama students took their parents back to when kids learned multiplication on TV through song as they performed “Schoolhouse Rock” the play, with nearly 100 students taking part.

Colton Gatewood, sixth-grader, said he loved the performance as both classes split the songs they were going to perform.

“I was kind of nervous. At the same time, it goes really quick because you go over it over and over again,” Gatewood said, we performed solo in ‘Conjunction Junction.’ “My favorite in ‘Interplanet Janet.'”

Julia Adams watched her daughter perform and said she did a great job, though she wasn’t too big on ‘Schoolhouse Rock,’ as it was a little before her time.

“‘Saved by the Bell’ was my favorite. My daughter does dance, choir, everything. I can’t say enough about this school and opportunities these kids get to perform is amazing,” Adams said.

Arts Alive kicked off on Thursday with the middle school band and continued Friday with Boy’s Dance.

Also Saturday was Environmental Choreography in the butterfly garden, fourth- and fifth-graders presented drama in the cafeteria and student art was displayed in the Dragon Gallery.

There was also a choir performance, a jazz concert, digital design displays, a dance recital and even robotics was in the gymnasium.

Arts Alive also featured its annual silent auction where everything from gift cards to baskets to replica championship rings were up for bids. This was to benefit the North Fort Myers Academy for the Arts Foundation, which helps pay for many of the things the Lee County School District doesn’t, such as costumes.

“We would hope to raise $20,000 from this event. All the money goes back to the arts department,” said Heidi Bungard, president of the foundation. “As the years go on and we have more arts on stage we need to raise more money. There are bigger goals we’re looking for.”