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Fuller Metz marks 50 years in Cape Coral

By Staff | May 3, 2018

Cape Coral’s first and oldest funeral home is marking 50 years of being a provider of burials and cremations to the community.

Fuller Metz opened its doors in 1967 as Metz Funeral Home, founded by Don Metz, in downtown Cape Coral on Lafayette Street.

In 2010, Metz and Fuller funeral homes merged to become Fuller Metz and relocated to 3740 Del Prado Boulevard where the business continues today.

Fuller Metz’s basic business philosophy has stayed the same over its 50 years in business.

Over the years, the original mission of the firm hasn’t changed.

“We have always intended to provide the best, most professional services, complemented by the finest products. Today, we pride ourselves on being current with the major changes in funeral service trends – and bring those innovations and memorialization options to our client families with integrity and insight,” according to the Fuller Metz website.

Managing partner and funeral director in charge Timothy Hauck is prideful of the work Fuller Metz does for the community.

A Cape Coral resident for 47 years and an employee since 1981, Hauck started off washing cars for the business and worked his way through the ranks.

“A funeral home is a community resource,” said Hauck. “People can put faith and trust in us during life’s most stressful times. We can’t change what has happened, but we try to lighten their burden.”

Fuller Metz has served a number of families over time, “thousands,” according to Hauck.

Longevity in the community brings experience, and many Fuller Metz employees have been with the home for 15 years or more.

“All together we have over 100-plus years of experience in the funeral industry; even our part-time staff has been with us for years and years,” he said.

That experience is what Hauck believes sets them apart from other funeral homes, and why they’ve been around for as long as they have.

“We merged the two most prominent names in the community to provide the best services we can to our residents. Quite a few funeral homes have come and gone, but we remain because of our service, stability, dependability and location,” he said.

Fuller Metz is a top-notch facility, both in size and infrastructure. It can serve any size funeral or service for families. Burial, cremation, or sending the deceased back to their home are all among their services. They have a large ability to pre-arrange, which brings an extra sense of security to loved ones, Hauck said.

Fuller Metz is always available to the community, with staff available 24/7 to help folks with whatever they need.

As the times have changed, Fuller Metz has not lost a step, with its website being a big part in the remembrance of a loved one.

“Big changes include the internet,” said Hauck.

“We provide the deceased with an online memorial tribute that can last forever. It is an important piece for families. They can post pictures, videos, and loving words to their page, and it plays a huge role in the remembrance of someone they’ve lost.”

The staff and home has also been active in the community of Cape Coral.

Hauck is a past president of Cape Coral Rotary and Jaycees and currently serves on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and Cape Coral Community Foundation.

“Our staff has lived in the community, they participate in the community, that’s important. We branch out to many different organizations over the city, such as Wolf Hounds Legacy and Citizens Police Academy,” Hauck added.

One program Fuller Metz has been running for 10 years is their Flag Day program.

“Every June 14, we encourage people to bring their worn, torn and tattered flags to us and we replace them with brand new ones,” Hauck said.

The event has been such a hit, they are seeing people return flags to them that they issued to them years ago.

Fuller Metz also is proud to recognize veterans, and anyone who has served in the military.

“We arrange for a color guard, whether it be the local VFW or active military personnel. We also service the VA cemetery in Sarasota, where the body or ashes of military members can be buried at no cost. We also provide free transportation for the family of the deceased veteran,” Hauck said.

As Cape Coral continues to grow, Fuller Metz plans on growing with it.

“We are hoping to open another location in the north district of the city,” Hauck said.

“In 25 years if the population doubles, we need to be able to meet the needs of our community.”

Hauck doesn’t plan on leaving anytime soon, and hopes to see Fuller Metz serve the community for another 50 years and beyond.

“I never wanted to go anywhere else, our community is paradise. We have a big city, with a small-town feel and I love that,” he said.

But what really keeps Hauck coming back and what makes Fuller Metz special, is the impact they can make on families that are going through what could be the most tragic time of their life.

“When you can make a difference, and a positive one during a difficult time it warms your heart,” Hauck said.

“Time in the business can be challenging. It’s the nature of the beast, it can be emotional. But it also can be gratifying and rewarding to be able to help others, and that’s a philosophy all of our staff holds dear. Service to humanity is the best work of life. Honoring, paying tribute, and remembering is what we do for those who are no longer with us. Everyone deserves those three things. Everyone has a story to tell.”

For more information about Fuller Metz funeral home, visit their website at fullermetz.com.