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No need for daylight saving time

By Staff | Apr 4, 2018

To the editor:

Daylight saving time was introduced in World War II. Then, for about 20 years, we only had standard time and later they came up with this nonsense again.

It is an unnatural time when it is still dark and it’s already 7 a.m. on the clock. The whole day you run after an hour.

Particularly for a southern state like Florida, it doesn’t make sense. Arizona, for example, has standard time the whole year. In the European Union, they are discussing now to abolish daylight saving time altogether, as many states don’t want it anymore.

The geographers were not dumb people, who made our time zones in the past, so don’t tamper with them.

It’s also a problem when you’re making phone calls to Europe because they start daylight saving time two weeks later in the spring and two weeks earlier they go back to standard time in the fall.

I’m one of the many who hate daylight saving time!

Ed Riedl