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FDOT issues ‘fact sheet’ on pedestrian bridge collapse

By Staff | Mar 16, 2018

Preliminary Fact Sheet on FIU pedestrian bridge collapse

* The Florida International University pedestrian bridge was a local agency project, not a Florida Department of Transportation project.

* The bridge collapsed onto a state road, Southwest 8th Street in Miami, near FIU’s campus.

* FDOT is currently offering expertise and all necessary resources to local and federal partners to respond to this tragic bridge failure and will proactively release all state records related to this project as soon as possible.

* The designer, contractor and the Construction Engineering & Inspection are all under contract with FIU.

* The designer is Figg Engineering and the contractor who both built and installed the structure is MCM. The CEI is Bolton Perez and Associates.

* Under the terms of the procurement issued by FIU and due to the unique characteristics of the design of the bridge, an independent, secondary design check was required. Under this project, it is the responsibility of FIU’s design build team to select the firm used to conduct the independent, secondary review. The firm selected, Louis Berger, was not FDOT pre-qualified for this service, which is required under FIU’s agreement with the state. FIU’s design build team is responsible for selecting a pre-qualified firm and ensuring this process is followed.

* This pedestrian walkway was built at an off-site location by MCM and moved into place on March 10. The walkway was set in place on top of two piers which were constructed on-site. Again, this is not an FDOT project. FDOT’s role is to administer funding and perform a preliminary review for general compliance with the agreement between FIU and the state. FIU’s design build team is responsible for the proper and safe completion of this project and for compliance with all applicable laws and engineering and construction standards. Additionally, any testing done to the structure following its installation was the responsibility of the FIU design build team.

– FDOT’s involvement was limited to:

* issuing a permit for traffic control during installation of the structure last Saturday;

* acting as a pass-through for federal funding and providing $57,000 in state funding for this $16.5 million project;

* conducting a routine preliminary review to ensure this project complied with the terms of the agreement with the state. This is a standard process FDOT conducts for projects like this; and

* authorizing FIU to utilize the aerial space above the state road to build a structure, which FIU and its contractors are solely responsible to inspect and maintain at the university’s sole expense.

Source: FDOT