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Sanibel Charter Review Committee holds final meeting

By Staff | Mar 14, 2018

The Sanibel Charter Review Committee met for the final time on March 7, wrapping up loose ends to send its recommendations on the charter’s articles to the Sanibel City Council for consideration.

In a meeting that lasted less than 10 minutes, the group voted unanimously to authorize Chair Aaron Pruss to presents the committee’s findings to the council at its April 3 meeting. It also voted to approve the minutes from its February meeting and to permit Pruss to approve the minutes from the final one.

There was no discussion from the committee on any of the items and no public comment.

Only one person was present in the audience for the meeting.

Before adorning it, Pruss thanked the committee members for their time and commitment.

The group met for the first time in December, when it set up its working schedule.

At its January meeting, it tackled the first three articles of the city’s charter, which covered powers, corporate limits and legislative. After discussing possible term limits and compensation for city council members and planning commissioners, it voted to recommend keeping the charter’s language as is.

At the February meeting, the committee reviewed the last sections of the document, including administrative; nominations and elections; initiative, referendum and recall; and general provisions. Again, the committee voted to not make any recommendations to the city council for changes.

The Sanibel Charter Review Committee was made up of Pruss, Vice Chair Tim Garmager and Committee Members Kristie Anders, Richard Johnson, Jeff Powers, Larry Schopp and Linda Uhler. Dorothy Donaldson and Roger Triftshauser were alternatives, and Charles LeBuff and Porter Goss were ex-officio members.