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School District, CCPD address social media concerns

By Staff | Feb 16, 2018

The Lee County School District and the Cape Coral Police Department have issued statements to address parental concerns related to social media posts made in the wake of the school shooting in Broward County.

The posts, some “tasteless,” other threatening, do not appear to be locally directed, officials said, adding however, that any concerns still should be reported.

The statement from the CCPD states:

“In the wake of the recent school shooting here in Florida, a number of social media posts have circulated, showing individuals making tasteless remarks that are tantamount to threats. Sadly events like this can bring out the worst in some people. These posts have spread like wildfire across social media, causing fear and concern among parents and students, prompting people to share these social media posts with us. At least one student in South Carolina who posted one such threat online has been arrested.

“We take any threats against our citizens seriously. Any information we are provided is being vetted and shared with our law enforcement and educational partners. Our officers are paying extra attention to schools in their daily patrols as well.

“There have been NO CREDIBLE THREATS against any Cape Coral schools thus far. While we understand that people are on edge, we do not want parents, teachers, students, or school staff worrying unnecessarily.

“That said, if you see or hear anything that is concerning, we are encouraging people to contact us. Tips regarding threats or any other crime can be reported here: www.capecops.com/tips

A similar release to parents from the School District of Lee County states:

“Good morning.

“Many of you have reached out, or are reaching out this morning concerning this disturbing post on social media that threatens “round 2” of violence against Florida schools.

“We wanted to let you know that law enforcement has investigated the post and the person responsible is under arrest in South Carolina.

“The post was not directed toward any schools in Lee County.

“We want to thank those of you who reached out to tell us about the post and ask questions, it means everything to us that you are watching out for our students and staff.”