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America schools are failing our children

By Staff | Feb 16, 2018

To the editor:

In a December issue of the Reporter-Islander, I saw a negative comment about Betsy DeVos, our education secretary. Teachers and their unions are very opposed to charter schools.

Our American schools are 24th or more in the world in test scores. We are failing our children. Why would we not want to try something else?

Our American children attend schools 170-175 days a year. The Chinese attend school 245 days a year. Japanese children attend school 240 days a year.

It is unbelievable our teachers have in-service days, et. required by the government. Get these children in schools that teach.

In the past ages, our children were taught reading, writing and arthritic. They called it the 3 R’s.

Now they have many classes in the three S’s: socialism, secularism and sexuality. I am repeating what an educator said.

We must repeal tenure. A poor teacher cannot be fired – that does not help our children.

I do not include The Sanibel School in this.

Adina Lukas

Fort Myers